Mario Kart Codes
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12-Digit Friend Codes

A. Itch 4468-3145-9818
Kina 3952-9159-3421
F kiss 0946-5538-9508
Hopeless 3525-4578-2186
Noah 1848-4568-7163
Peter 4210-6889-3917
Chad 4597-2462-8753
Bone 3136-9088-6666
Sexy Tom 4983-8598-3010
A.J. 0602-9931-8024
James 4468-4719-0560
Chucky 5198-7523-7677

Please check back monthly, always trying to upload new codes. If you have a code you would like me to post. You can e-mail me at, or click one of the following.

How to register friends codes and find your own. Or for detail instruction click here.
Register a Friend:

You can register a friend code for Mario Kart Wii through the Mario Kart Wii Channel.
From the Mario Kart Wii Channel Select License screen, chose the desired player profile.
Select "Friends," then select "Register a Friend."
Enter the friend code, then select "OK" to confirm.

Find your Friend Code:

You can find your friend code in the Mario Kart Wii channel.
From the Mario Kart Wii Channel Select License screen, chose the desired player profile.
Select "Friends,".
Your 12-digit friend code will be displayed near the bottom of the screen.

My Favorite OLD Nes Games, Cheat Sheet!

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Continue game play:
Hold A at the game over screen. While keeping that button held, press Start when the title screen appears. Alternatively, hold A and press Start(2) at the title screen.

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Game Geine Codes
Unlimited lives for skating:GXUZZZVG
Unlimited lives for surfing:GXNKALVG

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Game Geine Codes
9 lives:AEUTLZZE
Freeze the timer:AAUNYLPA

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Game Geine Codes
Computer cars go crazy!:SXVLGZAK or SZKLOPAK
Unlimited Continues:AAEIPPPA or AASIUAPA

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Game Geine Codes
Infinite lives:OXNGLZVK
Start with 80 power hearts: ASOGOPIA

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Start with 99 Lives:BACCF
Round 99:GEJAJLevel 80:CCCCB
Level 99:GEJJJ

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Avoiding enemies:Kill every enemy on the screen except for one. Every time you enter that particular screen there will only be that one remaining, allowing easier travel.

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Game Geine Codes
215 missiles, 5 energy tanks:X-z-uJ lls0W0 fVvweG 000WNr
Invincibility and Infinite Missiles:
NARPAS SWORD0 000000 000000

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Major Circuit 005 737 5423 World Circuit 777 807 3454
Super Macho Man 940 861 8538 Super Macho Man 267 913 7638 Piston Honda 032 730 8442 Don Flamenco 005 373 5423
Mike Tyson 007 373 5963 China 777 807 3454

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Slow Motion: Press B, DOWN, UP, A, LEFT, LEFT and RIGHT on Controller II. Press Select to move frame by frame.Level Select:Play one game then select Continue and press Left, Right, A, B, Down, and Up on controller two then hold A and Select on controller one.

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Beating the Final Boss: To beat the final boss easily, simply crouch and keep using low kicks. Thanks to a flaw in his programming, the boss will keep stepping in this attack until he dies.