golden tee 98 arcade jp7 trackball pinout

I found this on the internet golden tee 98 arcade jp7 trackball pinout image and it works good luck does any one know how to get the audio to work?




pinout for arcade us classic golf trackball working fixed and solved

just use the p1 up down left right and power the track ball with +5 and ground to harness seams to work for me!


PARTS SIDE                                   

 1   GND                                      
 2   GND                                         
 3   +5V                                    
 4   +5V plus TRK BALL                               
 6   +12V                           
 7   KEY                            
 8   CTR 1                          
 9   COIN LOCKOUT                 
 10   SP +                          
 12   VID RED                      
 13   VID BL                        
 14   VID GND                      
 15   TEST                          
 16   COIN 1                        
 17   1 START                      
 18   TRK BALL UP                       
 19   TRK BALL DOWN                     
 20   TRK BALL LEFT                    
 21   TRK BALL RIGHT                    
 22   PL 1 SELECT                   
 27 GND TRK BALL                             
 28 GND 

use at own risk but so far it still works for me!

disable nestopia create a directory to desktop error fixed

tired of pop up coming up every time u open nestopia “create a directory to desktop” and than you get a error.
I was able to fixe it just open up the xml file in wordpad or notepad and make sure all the paths in the file are the same directory as the host file save it as a xml and reopen.. worked for me make sure u save a back up copy to be on the safe side!

example of dir. C:\Users\ur name\Desktop\hyperspin\emulators\Nestopia\patches\

to C:\ur name\hyperspin\emulators\Nestopia\patches\

why it was changed for me is because i had it on a windows 7 and than i put it on a xp computer windows 7 use’s users dir and xp does not! good luck.

HyperRom2xml will not work in xp solved

If your getting a message “Error: the application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000135 when launching”

has been solved and fix just make sure you download the latest net framework 3.5 and it will work!

lincoln city website old theme idea?

Here is a old website design i forgot about just click on the icon below..

lincoln city web site design ideas

lincoln city web site design ideas

Kite Surfing the Oregon Coast


quick day of video taken in Sept. 2012 with kite boarding sensation danger jim a.k.a. Screwey Dewey and also jonny headstand showing juice bar how its done the right way!! With some bonus still shots taken earlier in the season. don’t mind the subtitles it was my first crack at video editing. it was also was after a viking loss, late at night, and brain not functioning properly too. sorry forgot to do it in HD don’t mind the compression, only reason why i compressed it was for youtube but youtube sucks this video was banned from them!

P.S. get ready for 2013 video got new kites+suit from the and jim is going airborne what will he do next??

lincoln city football league

Mighty Mexicans line up:

QB Drew Brees NO
WR Dez Bryant DAL
WR Brandon Marshall CHI
WR Vincent Jackson TB
RB Adrian Peterson MIN
RB Doug Martin TB
TE Martellus Bennett NYG
K Stephen Grostkowski NE
D Von Miller DEN

Bulldawgs Line up:

QB Drew Brees NO
WR Dez Bryant DAL
WR Brandon Marshall CHI
WR Calvin Johnson DET
RB Adrian Peterson MIN
RB Doug Martin TB
TE Jimmy Graham NO
K J Hanson DET

invalid credentials droid razr solved fixed

invalid credentials droid razr solved fixed

Verify your on the new software update:

Go to “settings” –  “about phone” – “system updates”  than update to latest software.

it takes about 15 min than go to email accts. and re login.

If you still having issues delete acct. and reestablish acct.

seems to work for me!

dns checker

dns maleware checkerLocal news is claiming a wide spread so called maleware are you safe?

Is your computer going to down on Monday?

I guess you can find out by clicking on the image to the left or you can also check it out here?

Oregon Coast Website Design New Site

Check out the new website group they call “” Or click the image below.

custom website designs for the oregon coast