Jim's List Of Local Business and Friends
You Can Find Here On the Oregon Coast!

My List Of Local Business, Clients,
And Acquaintances of Jimmy
Rigged Computers!

Simply click on any of the icons below to be redirect to there website. Allot of these business were networked or had services preformed from me. For example, custom built websites, computers, servers, surveillance and basic computer repair. If you are currently under my computer repair services, web hosting, or custom web site design. Please feel free to em ail me with your website and logo. So you to can join the ranks of Jimmy Rigged Computers. Check back weekly as I always trying to update!

Jim's Friends:

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oregon coast landscaping, lincoln city, pacific city oregon, yard maintence.  lincoln city oregon  home birth lincoln city oregon
computer repair for lincoln city oregon
Item 1

A plus I love my new computer.Finaly A fast solid gaming computer that plays anything i throw at it. By far the best gaming computer I have ever owned.
Thanks again, Bob.

All your computer repair needs for lincoln city oregon and surrounding area's.
Item 2

One of the best computers i have every bought. He also used top of line parts at a great price. I received a three year warranty on the parts for no extra charge, Click here to read more..

surveillance jimmy rigged computers computer repair logo for lincolncity oregon, oregon coast, newport, and also networking for also lincoln city,otis,newport, the oregon coast.these pictures work best with chrome and also firefox.
Item 3

Now I can see everything remotely from my cell phone and at home. Also you can control it to!!
You Rock Thanks Bob

virusremoval jimmy rigged computers computer repair is a website that does it all.
Item 4

Had limited space he was able to build a great computer and hook it up to my tv. Now I have room and internet. I love it!!
Thanks James

jimmy rigged computer repair is the best solution for all of lincoln city oregon, oregon coast, newport, and also networking for also lincoln city,otis,newport, the oregon coast.
Item 6

Got the webcam up and running. Also I Love the new website ten times better than the one that came with the webcam.
Thanks Again M..

computer parts that are ready to run and have the best reviews on the net!
Item 5

Thanks for making me a great computer for a excellent price! Will tell every one,
Thanks Shawn

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computer repair lincoln city  local computer repair lincoln city oregon  local concrete services lincoln city oregon  custom web site for lincoln city oregon and otis toInn at Wecoma

Please Check Back Cause I Still Working On it.

(I Mean making friends that is?)

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