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I try to use only the best parts for my Oregon Coast locals

For the last 14 years I have done a lot of computer repair in Lincoln City, Otis Rose lodge, Pacific City and Newport. I feel confident in my hardware choices. I only buy the best for your computer needs. I will try to find computer parts that have the best reviews and warranty. I have built enough servers, gaming computers, workstations, Dvr's, etc. To know what I'm doing, I have seen it all with cheap parts! I can't stress it enough, Make sure you get the best parts for your buck. Computer I have allot of client's that don't know what they are getting. You have to trust your technician. And I'm one who you can trust, ask anyone! You can reach me best at 541-994-surf (7873) Thanks for your time Jim.


Some More Of My Many Reviews:

Custom Built Computer

May 10, 2004 by Jake  ★★★★★

One of the best computers i have every bought. He also used top of line parts at a great price. I received a three year warranty on the parts for no extra charge. The best thing about it is it came with a three year warranty on all the parts, 5 year on CPU and lifetime on the memory! Other companies had qouted me up to 300 dollars for in extended warranty! You can almost buy a new computer for that price. So far its been unstoppable and fast. Thanks again for the build, customer for life Jake.

A Yahoo Review

March 19, 2011 by Charley  ★★★★★

I've been dealing with Jimmy Rigged Computers for a number of years I tell anyone who asks about repair or upgrades go to him.
My first computer was a Dell it crashed. So like everyone I reset it then nothing, took a deep breath and thought NO!!!!!!!!!! all my stuff is gone. Not only did he fix it quickly, but it ran faster then before :}
After founding out I like to world of war craft he showed me some of his gaming computers. Was sold picked one up and its been running like a camp. After awhile picked up another one for friends to play on but wait theirs more. Liked them so much called and had one built for my recording studio with all the bells an whistles. As you have read I've gone back to him and will in the future.

Another Yahoo Review

Nov.. 26, 2011 by Amy  ★★★★★

I have been dealing w/ Jimmy for many years. I can't believe I've never written a review. Jimmy really knows his stuff when it comes to computers! excellent service, honest and reliable I am glad to have found him:)!!!

Google Review

Jan. 27, 2012 by Randy  ★★★★★google award

First of this is my second review on him. I forgot his number, I have no idea why they took off my first review anyway. He does A++ work and service. Hard to get a hold of him sometimes. seams to always be busy running around. (he's a one man show I believe.) But he always makes time to get repairs done.. He fixed my laptop gave me some pointers and I haven't had a problem sense. Why I'm contacting him again. Is for a correction on a website he did, witch he did perfect thanks again. I will tell all my friends about you, thanks!

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I have too finish this website, a few networks in Lincoln city, A couple computer repairs, and a million others custom websites too.

On Another Note,

When it pertains(or involves) to computer repair you can trust that I will only use the best in computer hardware. brings you a higher quality in hardware for you and your PC, laptops, smart phones, and computer peripherals. For example flat panel monitors, LCD monitors, inkjet and laser printers, hard drives, ram (memory), hardware and even software. Top notch parts with the best warranty provided.

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