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Computer, Networking, Website Repair Services

For All Of Lincoln City Oregon And The Surrounding Areas..

Most likely if you are checking out the Service page, you have a computer problem. No problem! I know the following operating systems inside & out : Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7. I also work on Linux and some Mac's. I remove viruses & spyware AND can help you reach your needs with increasing the speed and performance of your computer. Other than repair, I can create custom gaming computers, network connection, backing up data, transferring data, updating, and etc.. You name it, I can most likely do it. There is a one hour minimum charge and I can usually resolve the issue in the first hour. I will beat any price within a reasonable range. In an effort to expedite your needs, please leave a detailed description for the reason of your call or e-mail. I know that when your computer is down, life practically comes to a halt and I will do my best to help you as soon as possible. Thank you for time and I look forward to helping you out with your computer needs!


Some Of My Many Reviews:

Bad motherboard?

Dec.. 10, 2001 by Megan  ★★★★★

Went to the local business in town, they said i needed a motherboard and power supply. With two hours of work, roughly around 260 dollars. They also told me I might not be able to recover my data. Was looking for a new computer online and stumbled across jimmyrigged. On sure about the business name gave him a call anyway. He was able to take a look at it said all it is, is a 50 dollar power supply. 90 dollars later had it running and also clean it up with some great ideas on how to care for your PC. Thanks again I learned allot, Megan.

A Yahoo Review

March 19, 2011 by Adam  ★★★★★

i have a fairly nice gaming computer which i use rather often and i was having some problems with it not booting up correctly when powering on. jimmy fixed it without any problems and had it back to me within a day. i am very impressed with his work and i know where i am going when it comes time to replace the computer i have now.


Another Yahoo Review

Feb.. 9, 2012 by Randy ★★★★★

OK he is great!! hard to get a hold of A one man show, i think everyone in town uses him. But he does know his stuff...A++++ thanks allot i now love my computer again, fast, reliable, and safe now, great price to. I will refer him to all my friends.

Google Review

March 1, 2012 by Silas ★★★★★google award

he does know his computers he also did me a great looking website, thanks!

Check Back Soon Will Post More Computer Repair Reviews Later.

I have too finish this website, a few networks in Lincoln city, A couple computer repairs, and a million others custom websites too.

Remember, jimmy rigged computers in Lincoln city Oregon brings you a higher quality service experience for you and your PC, laptops, smart phones, flat panel monitors, LCD monitors, printers, ink jet printers, laser printers, hard drives, ram, hardware, and all your computer peripherals. Will also do local service, and on site setup. Please give me a call and leave A message and we will make it happen!

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